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DPRG: 80C51FA for the New Micro's NMIY-0031 SBC (!!! o

Subject: DPRG: 80C51FA for the New Micro's NMIY-0031 SBC (!!! o
From: R. Steven Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Mon Jul 21 09:54:14 CDT 1997

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997 13:58:50 -0700 you wrote:

>I have the New Micro's NMIY-0031 single board computer.  Has anyone
>tried to replace the 8031 with a 80C51FA?

>Has anyone tried to pull the processor out of the holder successfully
>(meaning without damaging anything). It appears to be a PLCC package and
>chip holder.  I am not familiar with the process.

I tried swapping it for a couple of chips I picked up a Tanner's but
neither one worked (or at least I couldn't get the board to boot up
with them in it).  I don't exactly what they were.  I was looking for
an 8032 and Jim Tanner showed me some tubes of new chips someone had
sent him that were supposed to be compatible with 8031/8032 CPU's.
He gave me a couple to try for free since he didn't have any docs on
them.  I should have noted what the manufacturer and model number was
but since they didn't work, I just dropped them back off at Tanner's
the next time I was there...  In any case, they didn't do any damage
to the board and it worked fine when the original chip went back in.

I used a specialized PLCC extraction tool called a "paper clip" to 
remove the chips.  :-)

- -Steve

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