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DPRG: upcoming contest

Subject: DPRG: upcoming contest
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Mon Jul 21 13:53:17 CDT 1997

> Dear DPRGers:
> Anyone ready for the upcoming rerun of the Contest???
> Anyone ready for the new contest???
> Who all plans to try again?
> I'll proabably bring my Baby Bot II and Baby Bot III just for laughs.
> I really haven't gotten around to upgrading them.

An informal survey (show of hands) at the meeting showed
about 4-5 people will be attempting the Quick Trip and
perhaps 3 are ready for T-Time.

My goal is to complete the T-Time course (sans soda cans).
My stratdegy is to do right hand wall following.  I tinkererd
some this weekend with an optical sensor for wall following.
It looks promising so I built a prototype and will test
in on the bot soon.  If it doesn't work as planned I will
fall back to using the poloroid sonar module.

- -Clay Timmons   ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com


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