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DPRG: vacation pictures

Subject: DPRG: vacation pictures
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jul 22 11:41:45 CDT 1997

> Jim you are running different signatures.  The later messages say the
> next meeting is July 12. :)  But If I am not mistaken, the next meeting
> is August 9, NOT August 16 for the robotics competition.
> Regards,
> Kip

Yep, after vacation, I'm trying to recover so some things may take
a couple of days to get back on my feet.  I've updated my sig line
here at work.  Hopefully I'll remember to change my sig line at home

Supposedly, the date for the next DPRG meeting was August 16.  That's what was
in our Contract with the DFW-Xchange corp and what is on our DPRG
home page.  So, I checked with the DFW-Xchange's web page, but it says
August 9th!!!  I called their info line (214-746-3365) and they say it's
August 9th too.  In our contract with them, they were supposed to inform
us of when the date changes up to I think ?30 days? prior to changing it.
Oh well, I guess we play it by ear.  I'd rather show up on the ninth and
find out it was on the 16th than get there on the 16th and find out it
was on the ninth!

!!!                                           !!!
!!!  Next meeting is August 9th (hopefully).  !!!
!!!                                           !!!

Thanks for catching that Kip!
I'll try to update the dprg web page tonight!

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