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DPRG: Re: hi

Subject: DPRG: Re: hi
From: Sean Jones shain at noln.com
Date: Wed Jul 23 09:50:52 CDT 1997


I have a 33.6 us robotics modem, and there pages laod very fast.  It may 
be your connection of isp.  Only slow thing is the mail server, but it's 
not the web page that makes the group, it's the group that makes the 


Justin Kao wrote:
> > great site, but too many big graphics for my little 14.4k modem...
> Hello everyone, IMHO, even though I have a 36.6, it would nice if
> your web pages could load a bit faster.
> --
> Justin Kao <jkao at compuserve.com>


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