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DPRG: Re: Couple of interesting items in flyer

Subject: DPRG: Re: Couple of interesting items in flyer
From: Kevin Ross kevinro at nwlink.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 00:53:23 CDT 1997

I just got a Marlin P Jones catalog in the mail (http://www.mpja.com) chuck
full of some really great junk, ah, er, well, cool stuff. 

Of interest to you might be several different motors, a bazillion (which is
the square root of a google-plex) different power supplies, lots of little
tiny video cameras, etc.

Of special note:

1) A 3mW Visible Diode Laser: 660nM wavelength, runs on 3v, has lens:
	This would be great for a structured light sensor

2) Page 113: 50A Bipolar Motor Driver. This is wired as a 1/2 bridge. Two
of them would give you a 50A full bridge: $29.95 each. 

3) 100A version of the above: $24.95 (go figure!)

4) Page 111: A 40A MOS Transistor. 'on' resistance Rds=.04 ohms

5) IRF620 N channel MOSFET Rds=.8 Idm=5A

6) Optrex DMC2066  2 x 40 LCD display $9.95

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> From: Rick and Debora Everett <DebEverett at pobox.com>
> To: srs at seattlerobotics.org
> Subject: Couple of interesting items in flyer
> Date: Wednesday, July 23, 1997 8:45 PM
> Hi again.
> Just thought I would let you know there are a couple of
> interesting items in the new BG Micro sale flyer.
> Robot Gear Motors:
> no load 100mA, 250mA moderate load (what is a moderate load???)
> 12 or 24 volt. Motor size is 1.5" by 3.25"  Output shaft is
> .375".  No load speed at 12 volts is 48 rpm.  9.95 each or
> 4 for $34.
> Power FETs  IRF540 special $.39 each.  (That speaks for itself)
> Build those high current stepper drivers!
> Richard


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