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DPRG: Great Work in Progress!

Subject: DPRG: Great Work in Progress!
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 09:27:22 CDT 1997


David Beckham wrote:
> For those of you who haven't seen it yet, check out Little Ya-Tu's site
> :-)  This address is to the Links page, where I found some things I
> hadn't seen before, and enjoyed the categorization Ya-Tu did on the
> 'bots - which makes it easy to sample the different approaches to
> mobility taken by 'bots.

Thanks!  As you might suspect  ;-)  it's not really a collection of
links to all known Robots in the Universe yet, but it's heading that 
way - time permitting!  As soon as my little list started getting
too long to easily take in, I figured there must be some easy way to
classify Robots.  "Motivity" seemed like a good place to start.

> This is turning into a great site!  I'm anxiously awaiting the
> activation of the 6811 link (hint, hint!).  Thanks, Eric & Ya-Tu for all
> the work you've put into making a very nice resource for the Amateur
> Roboticist.
> Sincerely (as in, "I'm not just saying that because ARBE-ONE got
> included."),

I wasn't sure how to mention ARBE-ONE, so I went over to Ray Butt's
(Ray's Robotic Racers) webpage and he pointed right back to you!
Looks like you're the man.  ;-)  I'm looking very much forward to
seeing one of these fellas in person.

> -- 
> 	David Beckham
> 	http://www.BecTec.com
> 	Home of ARBE-ONE the "Model T" of Mobile Bases.
> 	Now offering TCOMP tiny computers by Ray Butts,
> 	(ARBE-ONE's inventor).

BTW, I'm trying to make the official site for Little YaTu:


and a mirror at:


which is one of the servers I play Webmaster for and a little easier
for me to update, work with, etc.

Right now it looks a whole lot better with Netscape than with
Internet Explorer.  Some of the HTML tricks I did to get the
indenting and the "stanza" look to the "Chronicles" worked fine
with Netscape but blew up when I finally checked them out with
Internet Explorer...   :-(

As soon as I get a compromise worked out, I'll upload the works
to Jim to add to the DPRG pages.

Thanks for the great review!

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