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DPRG: 68hc11 as a premium choice ?

Subject: DPRG: 68hc11 as a premium choice ?
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 13:34:43 CDT 1997

> I just talked to a distributer Monday, about getting some Motorola
> microcontroller books.  She told me all of the Motorola processors were
> on allocation through December. 
> I wanted to get up to speed on the 68HC11 to see what was so much better
> than my favorite the 8051. :)  I also had a client who is using the
> Motorola Coldfire processor, and I wanted to see the plusses and minuses
> of that thing. 
> Regards,
> Kip

68HC11 parts are often on allocation since they are so widely used in
the automotive industry.  This really means nothing to the hobbyist
since hobbyists don't buy them directly from Moto anyway. The 68HC11
is readily available locally from Tannner and B.G. Micro.  I bought 
two from Tanner last week $6.95 each.  Also Beall and Glenn (1-800-874-4797)
has them for about $3 each.

- -Clay Timmons  ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com


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