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DPRG: Adapting Motors

Subject: DPRG: Adapting Motors
From: ProMacPrg at aol.com ProMacPrg at aol.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 15:19:40 CDT 1997

Hi everyone,
	I had a question on how to convert or adapt a regular DC motor to be used
with the LEGO system.  I would like to use two gear head motors that I have
with a robot that I am going to build out of LEGOs,  what is the best way to
adapt these motors to be used with LEGOs?  I have tried drilling a hole in
one of the LEGO rods(length wise) and then glued it the out put shaft of the
motor , and this works ok, but it is a little wobbly.  I was hoping there was
another way.  Is there.
I would really appreciate any and all help. 

Thanks a lot, 
Timothy Deterly
ProMacPrg at aol.com


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