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DPRG: Re: hi

Subject: DPRG: Re: hi
From: Frank Faubert frank.faubert at sympatico.ca
Date: Thu Jul 24 20:27:36 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:

> Compuslow is notorious for their slow connections.
> Try again with another ISP.  If you have a 36.6 modem
> and are having slow downloads, it's unlikely it's the
> data coming across, rather it could be a number of other
> things.  Your ISP could be slow, you could be trying to
> access the page during prime time when millions of users
> are all tieing up the lines, etc, etc.  Most of the images
> on the DPRG web pages are kept around 20k or less just so
> the pages will load fairly quickly.  True that the DPRG
> newsletters have lots of images, but it'd be really boring
> without them.  The other DPRG web pages shouldn't be much
> worse than other "better looking" web pages out there.
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I concur. I have a 33.6 that downloads your front page ( after a cache
clear) in a little under three minutes, complete with Robbie and the
L.I.S. robot.

My problem is I spend so much time reading everything you folks have on
there that I don't have time to build anything ;)

Keep up the good work



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