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DPRG: Real good riddle.

Subject: DPRG: Real good riddle.
From: Jay Couture jcouture at msuvx2.memphis.edu
Date: Mon Jul 28 09:43:37 CDT 1997

>And another Q. 
>I know that Borland C and C++ (for DOS) have something called IDE 
>compiler..if I'm not mistaken that means that the whole thing is 
>integrated in single editor. Every assembler I have seen on the WWW is 
>old style ...which means the you write your programm with the DOS EDIT 
>and then compile it back in DOS and all...is there an assembler for the 
>microcontrollers which would look similar to the C or C++ (not commands 
>of course, DUHHHH, the feel and integration where you can write your 
>program in the on window then press button and thing compiles it)

	I use an IDE from a guy named Bisson. It's called UPAM. It is only for the
Motorola HC11 microcontrollers. BTW, IMHO you should learn assembler. Not
all at first, but incorporate some inline assembler in your C code to get
you started.


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