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DPRG: Spare Controller Boards

Subject: DPRG: Spare Controller Boards
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Mon Jul 28 10:32:18 CDT 1997

As I mentioned at the last meeting I have a surplus of
microcontroller boards.  These are factory 
assembled boards similar to the Motorola EVB boards.
I have two left at $40 each.  

Motorola 68HC11 with all it's goodies like  8 channel 8 bit D/A plus

2 RS232 ports
3 8K sockets  mix and match SRAM,EPROM,EEPROM
2 8 bit ports, 68B21
Fully buffered address and data lines for external expansion
with both Motorola and Intel interface signals

- -Clay Timmons


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