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DPRG: newbie instructional software

Subject: DPRG: newbie instructional software
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Tue Jul 29 08:09:53 CDT 1997

While searching through the electronic goldmine's web pages for the
gearhead motor that David Beckman mentioned to us, I noticed
some free software for download that I thought might be good for newbies.
I didn't check it out so I don't know if it's any good or not, but I
thought it might look interesting for those who may be struggling.

It's at:  http://www.goldmine-elec.com/fs.htm

Here's a snip from the web page:

>Download-1: 33 in 1 Utility Disk (821K zip file)- This is the new software
companion to the popular Chaney
>"33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Kit". Contains interactive CBT
samples on the use of a solderless
>breadboard, a comprehensive introduction to Ohm's Law, and an interactive
overview on how DC electric
>motors function.
>Download-2: Kit Building Tips Disk (1.2Meg zip file)- This download is
intended to give a concise
>overview of the Chaney Technology CBTs. These CBTs teach basic electronic
theory ranging from the parts and
>properties of an atom to teaching basic soldering techniques! This disk
also contains a fun interactive drill on how
>to read the resistor color code (for those who always wondered what those
colorful little bands on a resistor
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