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DPRG: Re: Clubs in the Houston area???

Subject: DPRG: Re: Clubs in the Houston area???
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Tue Jul 29 22:10:36 CDT 1997

At 09:43 PM 7/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	I am just getting into robotics and was wondering if there were any
>organizations or clubs in the Houston area that you knew about. I would
>really enjoy getting involved with one, but Dallas is just a LITTLE too far
>for regular meetings. 
>	I just purchased a BSC1 kit from Parallax, and a 'botboard from
>Mondo-tronics. I am going to try to figure out which one I like more for
>small robots. I also have several PC boards that I am looking to interface
>with a larger robot, and 2 compaq laptops that I am working on that would
>be perfect for a medium size autonomous robot. My primary interest is
>autonomous robotics, and I am intrigued by the subject of subsumption(?)
>programming. I think thats what it is. Using layered hardwired responses to
>create autonomous control.
>	Thank you for any info you may have.
>	Have a GREAT day!
>	Stephen N. Stremmel
>	sstremmel at lct.com

I think the Austin Robotics group is the closest to Houston that I
know of.  :-(  
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