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DPRG: Re: Next Meeting

Subject: DPRG: Re: Next Meeting
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Wed Jul 30 00:58:35 CDT 1997

David Beckham wrote:
> Jim Brown wrote:
> >
> > -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > Jim Brown       jim_brown at bigfoot.com or
> >                 jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com or jbrown at dprg.org
> >                 http://users.why.net/jbrown
> > Rom 3:23,24     http://www.dprg.org (next meeting is Aug 9th) Bring robots!
> >                 Robotics Contest at the Oct 11th meeting!
> And speaking of the next meeting. . . what was the outcome of the
> discussion concerning the contest (i.e. moving the date back a month or
> so)?  

Two lines above your question was your answer. :)  I found out lastnight
at the RNO that it was officially moved to October 11. I was shooting
for August 9, with something. I am still not sure what would have been
finished by then.  My first one has stepper motor sequencing problems. 
(It worked fine on the breadboard, but the sequence is not exactly right
on the "production" version...)  It looks like a couple of hours of
concentrated effort (i.e. no interruptions) will get it.

So I may try a second robot also, the motor, gear, and wheels for #2
will be complete tomorrow.

Once I get a base that I am happy with, I will add sensors. The first
thing is either wire feelers or IR optical prox. detectors. Then the
concept of a little sonar radar going around on the top of the robot is
appealing.  Another idea is an imager of some sort.

> I'm progressing with ARBE-ONE's programming, but so far he can't
> find his way out from under a chair, and he's "navigating by impact"
> which would certainly cost him points in the contest the way I
> understand the rules (try to tell HIM that, though).

I am still on hardware and mechanics.  I have not progressed to software



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