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Subject: DPRG: Re: BOUNCE dprglist@dprg.org: Admin request: /^subject:\s*help\b/i
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Thu Jul 31 12:54:32 CDT 1997

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>Subject: Help with EasyTrax?
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>Hi DPRGers,
>I'm trying to redesign the layout of my MC-1(TH) motor control board now
>that I'm happy with the circuit.  I have the Protel EasyTrax freeware
>version (because I don't do enough of this to warrant spending money for
>other software, and it looks like it should work well enough).  The
>Tutorial is good enough as far as it goes, but it didn't go far enough
>for me :-)  I discovered by accident that the F1 key will place a pad on
>the board, but I'm a little stuck on making the pads into a 14 pin SIP
>connector/header and the like.  I want to make the board a BS-1 IC
>plug-in compatible board with the motor control circuitry and some screw
>terminals on the other side.  The terminal block is ten position to
>handle power in, two motors out, and the four "uncommitted" pins from
>the stamp brought out also.  To keep it as small as possible I got a
>3.5mm spacing 10 position block from Digi-Key (ED1522-ND).
>What I need help with, I guess, is "defining" my own custom parts with
>the right size pads and pin spacing, since I'm using "mixed" standards
>here (3.5mm and 0.1").  Anybody know of a more extensive tutorial or
>help file for EasyTrax on the Net, or have experience doing this?
>TIA for any help,
>	David Beckham  (WRR-a-L, DPRG in Chatsworth, CA)
>	http://www.BecTec.com
>	Home of ARBE-ONE the "Model T" of Mobile Bases.
>	Now offering TCOMP tiny computers by Ray Butts,
>	(ARBE-ONE's inventor) and Parallax Basic Stamps.

I'm not sure why your email bounced.  Did you send a message from
an uncommon source?

Anyway, try looking at the IVEX working demo at http://www.ivex.com .

It has lots of parts, and it's very intuitive.
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