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DPRG: UV navigation?

Subject: DPRG: UV navigation?
From: Dan Bowen radiowave at bigfoot.com
Date: Thu Jul 31 14:51:39 CDT 1997

Hello, I am just grtting into robotics and I am investigating sensors for 
a robot that will navigate a house.  I have considered Infrared and 
Ultrasonics, these are good, but they are both seem as though they would 
not be able to handle meeting a fabric couch or chair.  
I was wondering if anyone knows how ultraviolet light works for sensing, 
perhaps not unknown obstacles, but could a stripe of UV reflective 
chemical (that is not visible in normal light) be painted on these 
absorbing objects?  Also it is a goal to possibly have this bot vacuum 
floors, I was considering having it follow a preset pattern by following 
a wire under the wood floor.  (I thought of a programmed course, but I'm 
not sure how much slip would affect him and get him off of where it 
thought it was)  I was planning on using one or more BS2s for controllers.


Dan Bowen
Rochester, NY


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