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DPRG: A stuf finder.

Subject: DPRG: A stuf finder.
From: Cyborg droid at bellatlantic.net
Date: Thu Jul 31 19:25:33 CDT 1997

Well, I am a guy who usually likes to find a new ways to old things. I 
would rather categorize this as reinventing the wolrd all over again.
As I was watching the Discovery channel, I have realized that  there was 
a little gizmo in my tool box. The gizmo was a stud finder. As far as I 
know, the stud finder is a device that uses simplest sonar to find where 
the big piece of wood is located. As soon as possible I have opened my 
tool box and checked if the battery was ok. (It was fine).
Next thing I have deicided to do was to 'find out' how the thing works.
 My brilliant next thought was : "Could I employ this sucker to the robot 
Well I have tested this stud finder as following:
1) I have plpaced it on the wall.
2) Begun sliding it along the wall.
3) The light have indicated the beginning of the stud.
4) Repeated the exercise.
5) Repeated the steps from 1 to 4 but this stud finder placed slightly 
above the surface of the wall. 

After several experiments I have noticed that this sonar doesn't work on 
the distance freater than one inch. Well, I coudn't say that I was 
satisfied with the outcome, but I have question.

"Do you think that if I'll open the box and simply remove the cover from 
the place where sonar transmitter is it will increase the range of it ?"

Because if it would be possible, then it would be a great thing to add to 
the robot. (Inexpensive too)

I wan you guys tell me what you think about it.

Truly yours,


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