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DPRG: You wouldn't believe.

Subject: DPRG: You wouldn't believe.
From: Cyborg droid at bellatlantic.net
Date: Thu Jul 31 19:50:09 CDT 1997

It's me again. You wouldn't believe what has happened to me yesterday.

I went to the Radio Shack ( I guess I am just simply too much in love 
with the electronic components... ? ). After looking at the shelves with 
tons of the things I have stopped my eyes on the place where the books 
were. "Wow, they finally ordered some more copies of the 'Basic Digital 
I have meaning to buy this book for a while now but somehow my mind 
managed to persuade me not to do so. Well, this time the will was 
stronger than the mind. I took the book in my hands, browsed briefly then 
closed it. Right next to it there was a sealed package with the catalogs. 
I took it in the hands, gave it a serious look, then thought "Wow, for 
$2.95 there were 5 catalogs." I thought that for these three bucks there 
were quite a lot of the information included. So I took it to the 
counter. Clerk scanned it through and I paid for this, the "Basic Digital 
Electronics", and some aluminum spacers. I drove back home. Once in my 
room I have taken then things I bought out of the bag. AS soon as I 
opened the package, I was stunned. The sealed package included FIVE the 
same catalogs. Well, I understand that I haven't noticed but HELL, this 
clerk in the store WORKS THERE. With this idea I actually thought of 
going into the store and like taping the two or three books together and 
buy them while paying only for one. Or should I go to the store and try 
to buy the TV and make the guy think that the VCR comes with it. 
(....naaah...it's just not in my nature)
	Well, The thought that have bugging me was : "What the hell am I 
going to do with the 4 remaining  magazines ? Well, maybe I sould use 
them as the tiolet paper (help save the planet)...but after a while I 
have realized that it was a fine papers (high gloss) and using it as a 
toilet paper would reqore like a course in it since it would be pretty 
hard (it figures).
	Anyway, I thought that there was an alternative there. Let me 
know what you epople thing about it ? :
If you guys could pay for the shipping of this thing though the mail I 
would donate these 4 catalogs for free.

The catalogs are about the size of the Mouser Electronics catalog and are 
>from the "Tech America". They must be incorporated with the Radio Shack 
since they sell many Radio Shack products (some of them actually cost 
less than actually bought in the Radio Shack, even tough they have Radio 
Shack imprint on them.) But I have to tell you that they have some cool 
kits(sonars, morsey's code decoders,I believe that they have cheaper 
STAMPS) and all, LOTs of books on eletronix and communication, antennas, 
eletronic components, and something that I have seen very rarely A LOGIC 
GATES OF ABOUT 14 PIN AND LARGER. Well they do exist but you just don't 
see them as often. They also have a resistors for like cent a piece when 
ordering 100 or more. Graeat Catalog, LOTS of PICTURES.

Let me know if you are interested.

By the way I live in NJ.


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