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DPRG: UV navigation?

Subject: DPRG: UV navigation?
From: Clendon S. Gibson cgibson at comp.uark.edu
Date: Thu Jul 31 22:16:09 CDT 1997

As regards the laser navigation:
	How would this work? It seems to me that you would have to have an
extremely fast and accurate clock to make any measurements based on light.
Light goes from the sun to Earth in about 8 minutes. It's going to make
pretty short work of a living room.

I think sound would be preffered as a ranging instrument. It was mentioned
that the robot might have a problem with Hidden obstacles. It seems to me
that what you want to do is take range samples all of the time. These
samples could be used over time to build a comprehensive map. 

Once the map is built the robot could take a lot fewer samples. Enough so
that it didn't run over the cat or whatever. If it becomes apparent that
the room has changed then it change modes and relearn the room.

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