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DPRG: A stuf finder.

Subject: DPRG: A stuf finder.
From: David Beckham dbeckham at bectec.com
Date: Thu Jul 31 23:52:49 CDT 1997

Cyborg wrote:
> Well, I am a guy who usually likes to find a new ways to old things. I
> would rather categorize this as reinventing the wolrd all over again.
> As I was watching the Discovery channel, I have realized that  there was
> a little gizmo in my tool box. The gizmo was a stud finder. As far as I
> know, the stud finder is a device that uses simplest sonar to find where
> the big piece of wood is located. As soon as possible I have opened my
> tool box and checked if the battery was ok. (It was fine).
> Next thing I have deicided to do was to 'find out' how the thing works.
>  My brilliant next thought was : "Could I employ this sucker to the robot
> ?"
> Well I have tested this stud finder as following:
> 1) I have plpaced it on the wall.
> 2) Begun sliding it along the wall.
> 3) The light have indicated the beginning of the stud.
> 4) Repeated the exercise.
> 5) Repeated the steps from 1 to 4 but this stud finder placed slightly
> above the surface of the wall.
> After several experiments I have noticed that this sonar doesn't work on
> the distance freater than one inch. Well, I coudn't say that I was
> satisfied with the outcome, but I have question.
> "Do you think that if I'll open the box and simply remove the cover from
> the place where sonar transmitter is it will increase the range of it ?"
> Because if it would be possible, then it would be a great thing to add to
> the robot. (Inexpensive too)
> I wan you guys tell me what you think about it.
> Truly yours,
> Cyborg.

Hi All,
As a follow-up to the email I just sent with the zipped file about this,
here's the URL that gets you to the general area of these back issues:
http://www.rdrop.com/users/marvin/infopart.htm - there's a lot of good
stuff there.
- -- 
	David Beckham
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