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DPRG: Contest Opportunity for DPRG

Subject: DPRG: Contest Opportunity for DPRG
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Mon Jun 2 10:44:37 CDT 1997

> I just recieved this e-mail from the organizer of the Annual Fire Fighting
> Robot Contest.  The contest has grown to be too big for one event and
> now they are looking for groups to hold regional contests.
> Here is a big opportunity for DPRG!
> Lets do it! 

I saw that message too.  I had the following problems with it though:

1.  We probably couldn't do it at the Infomart
	I'd be kinda a bummer to catch the carpet on fire.
	We may not have enough room for the large contest.

2.  We wouldn't have control of the rules
	The rules would be decided by someone in CT which may or may
	not be what would be appropriate for our group.
	Our group and our group's robots may not be ready for
	the challenge of a complicated contest like that
	and at some time we may ready for an even better contest.

3.  I'd rather design our own contest.
	We know what is best for our group.
	I think it'd be more fun to do our own unique contest
	and adjust it to our needs and wants.
	One nice thing is the diversity of contests from the
	robot wars, to the fire fighting contest, to our own little
	roborama.  We need to become a distinct group with a distinct
	I'd rather us have our own soverignty of our contest.

We could have our own similar contest, but my vote would be to not
duplicate their contest.  I think it would be good to get ideas
>from them, but not be used by them as an offshoot of their contest.

Just my humble opinions.

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