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DPRG: Program a java robot

Subject: DPRG: Program a java robot
From: Chris McKillop cdmckill at novice.uwaterloo.ca
Date: Sun Jun 1 20:08:35 CDT 1997

On Sun, 01 Jun 1997 08:49:57 -0500, Jim Brown wrote:

>>1Q :is programming language for INTERNET ?
>Yes, Java is a programming language for the internet due to the fact
>that both Netscape and Internet Explorer have it built in.  You can
>be pretty sure that *most* (85% or so) people can run your java applet.


    Java is a language.  A very nicely designed language that includes
definitions for threads, file i/o, and GUI.  However, it is not just
an internet programming language.  Dinkumware (PJP's company) is
making a Java->C translater for embeded systems.  Saying that Java is
an internet programming language is like saying that Perl is an
internet programming language. :)

    Currently compilied Java code runs on a Java Virtual Machine
(JVM).  This is the best and WORST thing about Java.  It means that
java must be interpreted at the cost of speed BUT can also be run,
without recompiling (in theory) on all platforms that have a JVM
implemented.  There are technologies people are working on, like JIT
(Just In Time) JVMs, that can speed things up.  However, be prepared
for a 2-20x speed hit when doing something in Java (even with a JIT)
compared to C on the same platform.  It is a trade off, but one that
many people feel is worth while.
    Now, MSIE and Netscape Navigator both have JVMs with thier
browsers and so you can have Java "applets" in your webpages.
However, this is NOT the only way to view Java applications.  In fact,
most applets and applications run slower within a browser than outside
of the browser.  You can even write VERY nice command line utilities
in java (javac is even written in java!!).  Anyways, I will say more,
but I could go on for pages!! :)


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