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DPRG: Contest Opportunity for DPRG -- Good idea!!!

Subject: DPRG: Contest Opportunity for DPRG -- Good idea!!!
From: TopOne top.one at usa.net
Date: Mon Jun 2 16:42:41 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:
> > I just recieved this e-mail from the organizer of the Annual Fire Fighting
> > Robot Contest.  The contest has grown to be too big for one event and
> > now they are looking for groups to hold regional contests.
> >
> > Here is a big opportunity for DPRG!
> >
> > Lets do it!
> I saw that message too.  I had the following problems with it though:
> 1.  We probably couldn't do it at the Infomart
>         I'd be kinda a bummer to catch the carpet on fire.
>         We may not have enough room for the large contest.
I believe the fire department has a regional training center in Plano,
and they have firefighter contests there yearly.  They may be interested
in providing the space. They have fires there all the time :)

> 2.  We wouldn't have control of the rules
>         The rules would be decided by someone in CT which may or may
>         not be what would be appropriate for our group.
>         Our group and our group's robots may not be ready for
>         the challenge of a complicated contest like that
>         and at some time we may ready for an even better contest.

I tend to agree with one of the other guys that common rules provide
bigger contests.  It also gives everyone a concrete goal, one that will
not disappear in a couple of months at the whim of some local
committee.  For simple contests it does not matter as much, because
there is less time invested for that particular contest. But when you
work real hard, and say something flakey happens this year to your
robot, it is heartening to know there is always next year.  You can
build on your knowledge.  But if the rules always change you may have to
start all over, because this year the weight was 10 lbs., but the rule
for next year is 9 lbs.   

> 3.  I'd rather design our own contest.
>         We know what is best for our group.
>         I think it'd be more fun to do our own unique contest
>         and adjust it to our needs and wants.
>         One nice thing is the diversity of contests from the
>         robot wars, to the fire fighting contest, to our own little
>         roborama.  We need to become a distinct group with a distinct
>         identity.
>         I'd rather us have our own soverignty of our contest.
I think it is a good idea for our own contests.  Especially since it
gives the beginners easier tasks to perform. However, winning just the
local contests may, after a while, be like the big fish in the little
pond. He is king here, but when he goes to the lake or ocean, there are
much bigger fish. 

By hosting standard competitions here, (in addition to our unique
contests) people will travel to Dallas to compete, as opposed to us
traveling somewhere else. More of our members get exposed to more
varieties of very good robots (if they did not think they were good,
they wouldn't travel far). This will inspire us to greater challenges.   

Just a lurker's opinion. :)



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