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DPRG: Robotics chat lunch

Subject: DPRG: Robotics chat lunch
From: Chip Nettles darv at ti.com
Date: Wed Jun 4 14:08:07 CDT 1997

At 01:18 PM 6/4/97 -0500, Jim wrote:
>Dear DPRGers:
>Some of yall are really missing out!  We had another DPRG robotics
>lunch and had a really great time!  Four of us DPRG guys informally
>met at the Grandy's on Central and Campbell today.  We discussed
>everything from what we wanna do for a contest, to how ultrasonic
>sonars work! It's a little difficult to get everyone there at the
>same time, but what a blast it is when it works out! Wouldn't it
>be nice to have an evening dinner gathering of DPRG members where
>everyone could just sit around and chat robotics?  Maybe a dead
>night for a resturant somewhere around the microcenter or valley
>view area or so would be cool.

I'm for it.  If you don't mind a newbie asking silly questions, I'd be glad
to meet for lunch.  I used to do lunch with the Jehovah's Witnesses on
Wednesdays, but gave it up for lent.
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