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DPRG: Robotics chat lunch

Subject: DPRG: Robotics chat lunch
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Wed Jun 4 17:36:12 CDT 1997

> >> Some of yall are really missing out!  We had another DPRG 
> >> robotics lunch and had a really great time!  Four of us DPRG
> >> guys informally met at the Grandy's on Central and Campbell 
> >> today.
jerry> Did news about this "leak out" ahead of time on this list?
larry> What lunch?

It was very informal, I just emailed a few friends that I happened
to have their email addrs handy and we did it.  I didn't expect so
many would want to do it.  Maybe next time I'll announce it so we
can all have a chance.  Maybe get Grandy's to give us a discount???
> >> Wouldn't it be nice to have an evening dinner gathering of
> >> DPRG members where everyone could just sit around and chat
> >> robotics?  Maybe a dead night for a resturant somewhere
> >> around the microcenter or valley view area or so would be 
> >> cool.

jerry> Sounds fun and both locations "work for me".  Maybe the thing to
jerry> do is to post a few days ahead and then see how many can make it.  (?)
chip> I'm for it.  If you don't mind a newbie asking silly questions,
chip> I'd be glad to meet for lunch.  

larry> Sounds great!!  Let's do it.

james> I think that would be great. Tuesdays and Thursdays are out
james> for me for the next few weeks but I would be very interested.

I didn't realize there would be such a big response to robotics
chat dinner!  I agree, lets do it.  We'll just pick an off day to do it
so that it won't conflict too bad with anyone's schedule.  Probably
most church goin' people couldn't do Wednesday or Sunday (some Saturday),
Me and James look like were tied up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Friday's
most familys go out for dinner.  How about a Monday night!?!
Maybe Monday night (9th, 16th, 23rd or 30th?) at 6pm-12pm<grin> at the
Valley View food court?  Or maybe someone else has a better resturant
idea - I can't think of many in the Valley View area besides Chilis or the
Galleria food court (and other long shots like Akbars, Showbiz and KFC).  
I think there's also some stuff at Josey lane like a Grandys and maybe
a Pizza place.   However, I'm partial to the Collin Creek Mall area
that's closer to me and there's lots of resturants up here.  Anyway,
Valley View or whatever, it'd be a great preview to the meeting at
the Infomart!

Any thoughts?

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