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FW: DPRG: Robotics chat lunch

Subject: FW: DPRG: Robotics chat lunch
From: Millen, Bob BMillen at obiwan.Intecom.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 11:12:41 CDT 1997

>From a June 5th Jim Brown Message:

>> How about the 9th at the Valley View food court around 6pm
>> to 8pm (or whenever).

I got there about 6:10 PM and easily spotted
Jim sitting by himself at a table.  Numbers
rapidly increased from that point.  I didn't 
really keep count--but by the time we broke
up a bit before 9:00 I would guess that at least
nine or so had been there for part or all of the

It was great fun.  Subjects ranged all over the
map:  GARP, UTA flying robots, peoples' robot plans
for the August contest, all kinds of different
ideas on future contests and how they should be
"judged", ...

The plan is for another outing on 6/23.  I'm not
familiar with the Mall up on 35 that they're talking
about--so I'll let others give accurate information
on that.  Based on last night, I'll try to make it
if I can.

- --Bob Millen



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