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DPRG: Video of RoboRama

Subject: DPRG: Video of RoboRama
From: Millen, Bob BMillen at obiwan.Intecom.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 10:44:22 CDT 1997

After last night's RoboChat at Valley View--which was
great fun--I had another treat.

Ed Rivers brought my copy of his video to Valley View.
When I got home I thought it was too late to start it
up--but my 13 year old son insisted.  Several of my
family gathered around and we all thoroughly enjoyed 
the tape.  

As others have said here, Ed has done a great job.  I
consider my $10 investment on this tape right up there
value wise with the $20 spent on DPRG dues.  That, from
my perspective, is high praise.  If you're interested:

> There's now a web page for the DPRG video at:
> http://www.dprg.org/contest_video.html !!!

- --Bob Millen


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