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DPRG: Meeting Reminder

Subject: DPRG: Meeting Reminder
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 09:24:41 CDT 1997

Dear DPRGers:

     ***                                      ***
     ***   Next meeting Saturday, June 14th   ***
     ***                                      ***

This is a friendly reminder that the DPRG meeting is this
Saturday, June 14th from 12pm - 2pm in the Infomart room 1061.

Tentative meeting agenda:

       12:00pm Arrive & Robotics Chat
       12:15pm Philips Semiconductor Presentation
       12:45pm GARP discussion
        1:15pm Show-n-Tell Robotics
        1:30pm Contest Discussion
        1:45pm DPRG business and such
        1:50pm Robotics Chat

Some issues we'll want to discuss (didn't get around to them last month):

	Philips Semiconductor gives a Presentation
		Don't miss the presentation by Brian
		of Philips Semiconductor.

	DPRG T-Shirts
		Bring your money if you want one.  ($15)
		S, M, L, XL sizes available.  They look great!!!

	DPRG Video
		Ed Rivers still has videos for sale of the last
		robotics contest.  Bring your $10 and Ed will
		be happy to get you a video.  You may want to
		contact him before the meeting to let him know
		you want one so he'll know how many to bring
		(rivers at startext.net)

	GARP discussion
		Bring your donations and ideas for GARP.

	Sonars and Servos
		Roger Arrick will be bringing 10 sonar transducers,
		10 sonar driver boards, and 10 servos for sale at
		the next meeting.  These are to be to members only
		and cost $26, $16 and $10 respectively.  Will there
		be enough?  Get there early!!!

	Contest stuff
		We have a contest committee, but at the next meeting
		if we have time left over, we can yak about contest

	RCD (Robotics Chat Dinner)
		We had a great time at the last one.  June 23rd
		at Vista Ridge Mall food court at 6pm to whenever
		for the next one?

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