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DPRG: robotic technology

Subject: DPRG: robotic technology
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 08:20:00 CDT 1997

> >>From <mwayland at sos.net> Fri Jun 06 22:15:04 1997
> >Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 20:14:33 -0700
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> >From: mwayland at sos.net (Mark Wayland)
> >Subject: robotic technology
> >
> >I received your name from The Robotic Store indicating that you have a
> >robot club and might be willing to share some information.
> >
> >Anyway, I am a middle school technology teacher and have the opportunity to
> >expand my program into more robotic technology this fall.
> >
> >Have you used or heard about the SVI-2000 Robot Arm?  If so, in your
> >opinion would it fit well into a technology program for 7 and 8 grade
> >students?

No, haven't heard about it, sorry.  I've forwarded your email to our
email list hoping that someone has and might be able to respond.

> >Also, are there any other programmable robots you can recommend?
> >
> >Thanks for the advice,
> >
> >Mark Wayland
> >
> >
> >___________________________________________________________________
> >Mark Wayland
> >mwayland at sos.net 

Not really.  There is one cal WAOII from the OWI MOVIT kits that
may be ok, but I've never used it so I don't know how hard it would
be.  The robot store carries them.  You may want to check out the
BEAM group, they also have some robots that might be what you're
looking for.

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