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DPRG: Robotics Chat Dinner

Subject: DPRG: Robotics Chat Dinner
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Tue Jun 10 07:15:48 CDT 1997

Dear DPRGers:

It looks like we had a really great time at the robotics chat dinner.
We had a much better turnout than I was expecting.  We had about 8.

Ed Rivers
Clay Timmons
Jim Brown
Steve Rainwater & Mrs. Rainwater
James Vroman
Eric Yundt
Bob Millen
and a new guy ?Kip?
(did I miss anyone?)

A good time was had by all.

We talked about a meeting place for the 23rd for the robotics chat dinner
(or ?RCD?) of the Vista Ridge Mall food court 6pm (thats a monday) instead
of the sandwich shop beside Tanners because it'll close by 6pm.  Maybe if
someone could talk Tanners and the sandwich shop into staying open late 
to host us guys that would be great!  (Roger?)  We can alternate meetings,
one a Valley View and another at Vista Ridge so that we can try _not_ to
leave out too many.

We talked about every robotics topic under the sun - from GARP ROS
(robot operating system) to upcoming robotics contests to the UTA
aerial robotics stuff.  It was a great yak session!
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