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DPRG: Robotics chat lunch

Subject: DPRG: Robotics chat lunch
From: Millen, Bob BMillen at obiwan.Intecom.com
Date: Wed Jun 4 18:54:01 CDT 1997

jerry> Did news about this "leak out" ahead of time on this list?

jerry> Sounds fun and both locations "work for me".  Maybe the thing to
jerry> do is to post a few days ahead and then see how many can make it.

Did I have a name change?  (Just kidding you Jim.)


Jim> Maybe Monday night 

This is a good pick for me.


In his first message Jim said:

Jim> Maybe a dead night for a resturant somewhere around the
Jim> microcenter or valley view area or so would be cool.

In the last message Jim said:

Jim> I'm partial to the Collin Creek Mall area that's closer to
Jim> me and there's lots of resturants up here.

I'm partial to valley view or around the microcenter because
I live near Coit and Spring Valley in North Dallas.  However,
I'd be very willing to make the trip to Collin Creek Mall.  

Jim, I suggest that if you're the one who's going to kick this
off that you pick a time and a place that suits you.  If this
turns into a thing with some regular participation then over
time we might figure out a more mutually "fair" location for 
the people that come most of the time.

- --Bob Millen


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