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DPRG: Jacl

Subject: DPRG: Jacl
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jun 10 17:54:15 CDT 1997

Dear DPRGers:

Recently someone has just made a TCL interpreter with java and
called it JACL (pronounced like jackal).  What's nice about it
is you can do TCL scripting for a web page that doesn't need
a TCL plugin, you just go off of the JAVA interpreter that's
already in most browsers.  TCL is a really cool scripting language
in that you can write GUI interfaces with just a few lines of code
to do really nice stuff.  Also, as if TCL wasn't portable enough,
now it works on any platfor that supports java.  They don't have
all the functionality of TCL/TK yet, but most of it is in there.
Check out their web page with samples at:


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Also, you can check out the TCL/TK web page at:
or the C++ style tcl called [incr tcl] at:

If you're writing GUI interfaces and you're not using TCL, then
you're doing it the hard way.

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The nice thing about the new version of tcl 8.0 is that it now
has the JIT compiler built in to give it 2x to 10x the speed!

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