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DPRG: software donation

Subject: DPRG: software donation
From: Larry Kerns kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org
Date: Mon Jun 16 11:14:37 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:
> > Jim...
> >
> >     Out of principal, shouldn't you use Linux?  Since it is a free OS,
> > it can be avaliable to anyone, where as with an MS based OS, this
> > isn't going to be true.  Also, if you compare the performance of Win95
> > on a 386 vs Linux on the same mahcine (sans X), it is amazing.  Plus,
> > all the development tools under Linux are also free (including gcc for
> > the hc11) and very well supported.
> >
> >     Chris
> <another OS war alert>  <everyone adjust your sensitivity level down>
> Hey, I'm easy.  I'm trying to just bring forward the debate so that
> we can get the best platform (either windoze or linux) that would be
> good for our GARP platform.  If the only thing that was holding us back
> from using Win95 was that Linux was relatively free, that's not a good
> reason to use it.  And, if MS donated a copy of their OS, then that'd
> be a mute point.
Why don't we just install a dual boot system on GARP and put Linux AND
Windows95 on him (male chauvinist). We may be able to have two complete
development paths on GARP that would allow the MS people to develop
their hardware/software and also give the LINUX guys a chance to develop
some of their stuff.  Wouldn't it be neat to demonstrate GARP in either
the MS or LINUX modes?  If one side or the other eventually gets tired
of trying to support their OS then we just delete it from the system.

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Will I Dream, Dave?

Larry W. Kerns
kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org


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