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DPRG: GARP Operating System

Subject: DPRG: GARP Operating System
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 14:20:15 CDT 1997

While I think its great to start talking about what
OS to use on GARP I don't think we need a decision
for quite some time considering the current state of

We need both top down and bottom up design work
on GARP but currently all the GARP discussion seems 
to be on the top down issue of which OS to use.

Having little to no preference on OS personally (since the
code for GAPR itself will be the virtually the same on any
OS) I would like to start some discussion on some bottom 
up issues.

GARP motor driver specification

  serial RS-232 control  9600 N 8 1
  full duplex with acknolwedge after any commands
  one controller which controlls both left and right motors
  PWM with 32 speeds  maybe 24 forward/ 8 reverse

  full H bridge  using MOSFETS
  24v  10A continuous 50A surge
  active braking
  seperate enable/disable line for kill switch
  some simple control language  like L8:R10 to set the
  left motor to speed 8 and the right to speed 10


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