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DPRG: GARP Operating System

Subject: DPRG: GARP Operating System
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 15:03:42 CDT 1997

You wrote: 
>While I think its great to start talking about what
>OS to use on GARP I don't think we need a decision
>for quite some time considering the current state of
>We need both top down and bottom up design work
>on GARP but currently all the GARP discussion seems 
>to be on the top down issue of which OS to use.
>Having little to no preference on OS personally (since the
>code for GAPR itself will be the virtually the same on any
>OS) I would like to start some discussion on some bottom 
>up issues.
>GARP motor driver specification
>  serial RS-232 control  9600 N 8 1
>  full duplex with acknolwedge after any commands
>  one controller which controlls both left and right motors
>  PWM with 32 speeds  maybe 24 forward/ 8 reverse
>  full H bridge  using MOSFETS
>  24v  10A continuous 50A surge
>  active braking
>  seperate enable/disable line for kill switch
>  some simple control language  like L8:R10 to set the
>  left motor to speed 8 and the right to speed 10

The specs on the H bridge look good.  I did something similar to this 
with DBOT.  Not sure if it will do 10A though.
You think the software/OS guys will debate us on this one?


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