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DPRG: Re: High school robot contest

Subject: DPRG: Re: High school robot contest
From: Jim Brown jbrown at why.net
Date: Mon Jun 16 23:23:50 CDT 1997

Thanks for the info.  I'll forward this to our group.  I believe at
least one person in our group may have already participated in that
contest.  It sounds like a good one.  I'll be on vacation so I'll miss
the next meeting, so Clay Timmons will be there to lead the meeting.
You can find out more about what our group is doing by looking through
the DPRG newsletters online at:  http://www.dprg.org/newsltrs.html .

At 10:06 AM 6/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I was looking through information on the DFW-Xchange and found your 
>web page.  I am working with a group that promotes engineering
>activities in the local area high schools and thought there might be
>some interest   on your part in knowing about our activities.  
>  We sponsor a engineering contest similar to the MIT class you may have
>seen on television.  The section below provides a little more
>information about the contest.  If you or any of the members of your
>group would like more information please contact me.  I am also
>interested in what your group is doing so I will try to attend the
>meeting Saturday 6/14.
>Randy Hester
>        TECHNICAL COACHES NEEDED - at a school Near You !!
>Here is your opportunity to be part of a great program.  High
>school student are given a "kit of parts" (box of junk) and
>challenged to design and build radio controlled robot that
>competes in a special game.  We need coaches to work with each
>team during September and October to help mentor them through the
>aspects of brainstorming, team decision making, and prototyping.
>By recruiting at least 3 volunteers from industry and 2
>faculty/parent volunteers for each team, we improve the
>opportunities for interaction.
>            Schools Confirmed for BEST - Fall-97 Games
> Dallas BEST Hub                          CoCo BEST Hub
>Arlington - Martin High School          Allen High School
>Carrollton Christian Academy            Anna High School
>Dallas - A. Maceo Smith High School     Blue Ridge High School
>Dallas - Adamson High School            Celina High School
>Dallas - Lincoln High School            Clark High School
>Dallas - Madison High School            Community High School
>Dallas - North Dallas High School       ERA High School
>Dallas - Rusk Middle School             Farmersville High School
>Dallas - Skyline High School            Garland High School
>Dallas - Thomas Jefferson High School   Jasper High School
>Dallas - Townview High School           McKinney High School
>Dallas - Woodrow Wilson High School     Naaman Forest High School
>Ft. Worth - Applied Learning Academy    North Garland High School
>Irving - Nimitz High School             Plano East High School
>Kennedale High School                   Plano Senior High School
>Richardson - Berkner High School        Prosper High School
>Richardson - JJ Pearce High School      Rockwall High School
>Richardson High School                  Rowlett High School
>Temple High School                      Shepton High School
>Terrell High School                     + 5 more TBD
>Waxahachie High School
>+ 3 more TBD
>Dallas BEST Signup:                 CoCo BEST Signup:
>   Bob Steffen                         Randy Hester
>      MSGID = RMS9                        MSGID = RAND
>      Email = rms9 at msg.ti.com             Email = r-hester at ti.com
>      phone  (214) 956-6712               phone  (972) 575-4651
>  Technical skills are not essential - the students do the work !
>  All volunteers are welcome, invite your friends and neighbors.
>***************************** The End ****************************
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Jim Brown       jim_brown at bigfoot.com  or jbrown at why.net or
                jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com or jbrown at dprg.org
Rom 3:23,24     http://www.dprg.org (next meeting is June 14th) Bring robots!



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