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DPRG: RoboVision

Subject: DPRG: RoboVision
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Thu Jun 19 11:15:21 CDT 1997


Last night, while trapsing across the tangled web, it occurred to
me that GARP might not really need the "super" resolution that we
could probably get with a nice "digitizing frame-grabber".  Trying
to process higher-res images could give poor GARP a head-ache also.
An easier(?) and probably cheaper solution that would likely work
great for Robotic Vision, would be something like the digital Eyeball
QuickCam from Connectix that many folks are starting to put on their
PCs for video-conferencing.

The QuickCam is already digital -- no need to convert the analog
video stream.  It uses a plain (maybe new stuff needs EPP) parallel
port.  There are plenty of drivers and examples of folks using it on
most platforms we've discussed...  Connectix seems to have a pretty
active "developer" program.  And there seem to be quite a few
"qcam hackers" out there who have diligently pulled these things 
apart and twiddled with them to do neat things (e.g., pull out I/R
filter for night vision, tap directly into it without a CPU, etc.)

I've seen some prices for the B/W version for under $80.

Check out:


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