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DPRG: Another Great Meeting!!

Subject: DPRG: Another Great Meeting!!
From: KEVIN PRESA pressa at chesapeake.net
Date: Thu Jun 19 15:49:47 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:
> > >I really liked hearing more about the I2C bus.  That was the best
> > >part, I thought.
> >
> > I agree.  I visited Philips web site and downloaded info on the bus.  In the
> > process of digesting it.  I wasn't quick enough to pick up one of the six
> > I2C books at the meeting, so I may write to Brian and see if I can get one.
> I stuck my hand in there and almost pulled back a nub.  ;^)
> For some reason, brian didn't want to give away too many books.
> Maybe they charge him for the books or something?  surely not.
> I'm wanting to download that source code for the I2C that he
> spoke of.  That oughta be a wealth of info on it.  I guess that
> bit banging it would really tie up a lot of CPU time, though.
> I'm not 100% sure, but I think the philips books that Larry brought
> should have some data about the I2C bus as well.
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