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DPRG: BG Micro Sidewalk Sale this Saturday

Subject: DPRG: BG Micro Sidewalk Sale this Saturday
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Fri Jun 20 11:25:31 CDT 1997

I called Tammy at BG Micro today per James Vroman's request
and she said they have some nice gearhead motors for $9.95 each
that run on 12v.  You can get 4 for $34 but they wouldn't do
us any better price break for the group.  So if you want one
at that deal go to the Sidewalk sale at BG Micro.  I'll probably
try to go from about 10am to 11am.  BG Micro is located in
Garland around Kingsley road between Jupiter & Shiloh near
the Hypermart.  From Kingsley turn onto National street (there's
only one way to turn on National) (FEDex used to be there but
they moved recently) When you come to the second street on the
left is National Circle turn left.  There'll be two grayish
buildings turn left at the one with the big arrow and the sign
that says BGmicro.  Call them if you get lost at:  972-271-5546.
Their address is:

	BGMicro parking lot sale
	2715 National Circle
	Garland TX

Besides the sidewalk sale, Tammy said you can also pick up anything
listed in their catalog by going inside.  I understand they're store
part is not like tanners where you can just walk around pick up stuff,
it's like a desk where you give them your order and they go get it
(you can phone in your order and just pick it up which is probably better).

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