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DPRG: BG Micro's Sidewalk Sale

Subject: DPRG: BG Micro's Sidewalk Sale
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Sun Jun 22 22:04:43 CDT 1997

Kipton Moravec wrote:
>   I made out like a bandit also.  In the chips market I decided to try
> to get as many different 74xx, 74SXX, 74LSXX  TTL chips as I could.
> Since I was going to get into more breadboarding I figured they would
> come in handy. Unfortunately I did not bring a TTL Data Book (I will
> bring one next year,  along with a Newark Catalog, so I know what the
> numbers mean).  They had a cardboard box that was about 4' x 4' and 3'
> deep.  I spent about 2 hours going through that box.  I managed to get
> 36 identified, and 7 so far unidentified, TTL logic types.  I can not
> find my TTL Data Book.

That's what I've been trying to do also!  I found a pretty
good Chip resource on the Web that has helped me identify
quite a few (still working on it) and many times it had links 
to the manufacturers:


> I also stopped at Tanners Saturday and picked up two $1.95 stepper
> motors and some IR sensors to play around with.  

A few Stepper Motor URLs I found the other night:


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