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DPRG: Robotic Builder's Night Out

Subject: DPRG: Robotic Builder's Night Out
From: Millen, Bob BMillen at obiwan.intecom.com
Date: Mon Jun 23 17:19:36 CDT 1997

>> I would like to recommend that we have
>> it once a month on the last Monday of
>> each Month.  That will let it fall 
>> somewhere between the meetings for those
>> who don't get enough of the regular
>> meetings.  Also I'd like to recommend
>> that we alternate sites from Vista Ridge
>> Food Court to the Valley View Food court
>> each time.  Does that sound good to 
>> everyone?
>> So, if that's acceptable, that would
>> mean the next one (after tonights June
>> 23rd at Vista Ridge), would be July 28th
>> at Valley View.  Any thoughts?

All of this sounds good to me.  Unfortunately,
I won't be able to make it to Vista Ridge tonight.

- --Bob Millen


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