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DPRG: OS debate

Subject: DPRG: OS debate
From: droid at bellatlantic.net droid at bellatlantic.net
Date: Mon Jun 23 17:19:37 CDT 1997

Billy Coron wrote:
> I too am working on a project almost identical to GARP. I had gotten ahold
> of a wheelchair frame and decided to build a robot.  I thought it should
> have a PC for a brain (my 386 was just sitting in the corner).
> For me, windows is out of the question (I'm running a 386). I considered
> LINUX and actually installed it on a hard drive.  I just don't have the
> time to learn how it works. I was able to boot it up, and that's it.  I
> know nothing about the commands and utilitys in LINUX.
> I was wondering what's wrong with using DOS.  I don't see a problem with
> it. I'm thinking that the OS will just be there to run the brain functions.
> They should run fine under DOS or win3.1.  I'm not seeing any great
> advantage to using LINUX or win95.
> Please tell me if I'm off the wall.  I'd like to follow the same platform
> as DPRG.  I'd be able to contribute to GARP, and hopefully share some of
> the other code developed for GARP by others.  I'm just thinging that an OS
> is for a computer user, and what he or she feels comfortable running
> programs under.  The software that's carrying out the brain functions is
> what's really important here.
> bcoron at nac.net
> http//:www.nac.net/~users/bcoronI believe that you should use DOS. Borland C is very simple language and 
you can achieve a LOT with s very simple compiler you can achieve a LOT. 
I think that DOS and Turbo C combination would be PERFECT FOR YOU. 
Programming simple...and you wouldn't believe how much you can learn this 
robot of yours to do. even with 286... any more questions just E-mail me 
at droid at bellatlantic.net


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