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Subject: DPRG: RBNO
From: Larry Kerns kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org
Date: Tue Jun 24 21:10:05 CDT 1997

Jim Brown wrote:
> <snip>
> > ...then Kip gave everyone in attendance a crisp $100 bill
> > and we went home.
> >
> > Overall a very profitable evening out.  ;-)
> What a deal!  Maybe Kip could do that for every meeting!
> All in favor?
> Did I tell you about my latest experience?  After the Sidewalk
> sale, my wife and I went to a little italian resturant in Garland.
> I brought my bag of IC tubes in because I didn't want to leave them
> out in the car.  Then, as we were halfway though our lasagna a man
> came up with a gun and told me he wanted to swap grocery bags.  I
> thought it was a little strange, but I thought my life was worth
> more than the IC's so I swapped.  After he left, I looked into the
> bag, and you know what was in there?  It was all just a bunch of Bologna.
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What we have here is a ... failure ... to ... communicate.  I think we
should assign someone to keep an eye on Jim at meetings and other
important functions in case he becomes violent!
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Will I Dream, Dave?

Larry Kerns
kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org


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