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DPRG: sonar cooking on the range

Subject: DPRG: sonar cooking on the range
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Wed Jun 25 08:30:46 CDT 1997

I read through the 6500 sonar page that roger gave to us.
I was just wondering on the blanking line, how soon can
you bring it high and still let it work?
It says that it outputs 16 cycles at 50% duty - so at 50khz
that's 16/50,000 so that's about a third a milisecond?  So
is it seems that sometime from 1/3 a ms to 2.33 ms is when
you can raise the blanking line.  I noticed that roger penciled
in 1ms to raise the blanking line.  So if it takes 0.9 ms to
go and come back, does that mean you can get as close as ~6" 
(to as far as 35 feet) resolution?  Does it start getting false
echo at less than 1ms?

Also, the first thing I noticed was that the cable pinout won't
fit in a standard prototype board.  What are yall doing to wire
that thing up?  Wirewrap?

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