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DPRG: Samples from Philips

Subject: DPRG: Samples from Philips
From: Jim Brown jbrown at spdmail.spd.dsccc.com
Date: Mon Jun 30 08:24:58 CDT 1997

> Well guys, I got my free samples of the P51XAG30 (16-bit XA version of
> the 80C51)on Saturday.  They sent me two in PLCC package form (68-pin).
> I'm thinking about going ahead and asking for the I2C chips I was
> wanting.  It never hurts to ask, right?
> -- 
> Will I Dream, Dave?
> Larry Kerns
> kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org

Did he also give you the 68 pin socket for the chip?

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