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DPRG: Radio Controlled Ball

Subject: DPRG: Radio Controlled Ball
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Tue Feb 3 14:34:59 CST 1998

Jim Brown wrote:
> > On a similar note I saw an idea of a rolling ball that used
> > air bladders. It was an idea for a Mars lander. With a 
> > controller inflating/deflating indiviual air bladders 
> > to create motion.  The air bladders were arranged in
> > pie-shaped sections like a giant wheel.  The idea could
> > be extended to a ball for motion in any direction.
> > I would not expect it to move much faster than a snail's pace
> > but still a neat idea.
> > 
> > -Clay Timmons

The "not-so-sexy", cheap man's way to do the rolling ball might
be to just seal up a regular R/C car inside of a ball and then
start driving it.  You might need some rolling hat on top to 
keep it from flipping over.  Or two R/C cars (Gemini Cars) one
upside down (perhaps smaller) and on top of the other.

Or (back towards "sexy") one could use an internal, 3-dimensional
cart-wheel configuration - more commonly called the Internal
Urchin Engine.

> Yeah, but the best selling point is that it doubles as a
> whoopie cushion!  ;-)
> Probably the same technique could be used to make an
> air bladder snake that could crawl across the ground?

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