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DPRG: embedded java?

Subject: DPRG: embedded java?
From: Larry Kerns kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org
Date: Tue Feb 3 16:08:28 CST 1998

Chris McCarley-ECM004 wrote:
> My group has been working to get up to speed on Java at the applications
> level but I have also been try to keep an eye on the "small" Java
> technologies.  Not too long ago I checked the Sun site for availability
> of their chip but failed to find this.  I also got the impression that
> the technology was geared for workstation-scale applications but I could
> be wrong.  I did read recently that Personal Java (p-java) would run on
> a "mere" 2 MegaBytes or so.
> The most encouraging thing I've seen is for the Java smart cards. There
> they have stripped Java down to only several kB by removing support for
> things like threads and garbage collection.
> My $.02
> Chris
The following web page gives a pretty good description of the PicoJAVA
processor chip architecture and capabilities.  It looks like Sun
Microsystems plans to license the manufacturing to Samsung, Mitsubishi
Electric, and others.


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