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DPRG: Radio Controlled Ball

Subject: DPRG: Radio Controlled Ball
From: Alan Bredon alanb at cryogen.com
Date: Tue Feb 3 16:55:47 CST 1998

Popular Mechanics had an article in the 60's of a working wheel design
that was used on a lawnmower.
Each wheel had several (6 or 8?) bladders and a rotating valving system.

The air pressure was applied to the bladder at the bottom towards the
rear and the bladder at the bottom front would be exhausted.  The valve
was a sliding plate (shear valve) attached between the wheel and the
Once you applied air pressure, it moved!

As for the Heat Wheel, it is very feasible and has been accomplished
cheaply with rubberbands.  The rubber's elastic strength would decrease
with heat and regain with relative cold and the wheel turns!  Also any
material that can expand to shift the center of gravity can be used to
cause rotary motion.

I fact any differential of energies can be used to do work such as
electrons (voltage), air (wind) air temperature ie density (also wind),
height above the earth (waterfalls, hydroelectric).  We have many ways
of converting energy forms.
The Stirling Heat Engine is a good example and works by the expansion
and contraction of air in a sealed system.
How about evaperation and the Thirsty Ducky?

Try burning magnesium.  It gets heavier after it burns, (added oxygen).
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