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DPRG: more CORE nonsense - hit delete if you want

Subject: DPRG: more CORE nonsense - hit delete if you want
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Thu Feb 5 12:27:21 CST 1998

> I do believe in joks. However, I don't think CORE
> is to be field for joks. 
> It is serious work of a team. 

Team of who???  As Kevin Ross stated at least one of the
professors listed on their so-called team doesn't even
have any real ties to them.
> It is very likely that many may not have an idea
> of what it is but for me it is a great theory.

What theory?  Tell me what the theory is if you can
make sense of it.  (Don't tell me it's a neural net,
because they deny that it's a neural net).

> CORE idea allows one to jok around it so not to
> worry about my comments and they are just for an
> advanced information that CORE processors may be 
> the real future for all the hobby, serious research
> and even for the children's toys and games.

Be careful on giving CORE lip-service if you don't
have a CORE processor, you don't have their documentation
(unless you paid them gobs of money for their non-disclosure
agreements), and you don't know if those guys are on
the level.  You don't even know if all they have is a
box with a brick in it.  They won't tell you!

> I have never seen such a complete idea. Even if the
> idea differes from our brain functions it will work
> in the real world of analog electronics.

On the contrary, I have never seen such an incomplete idea.
They have never given complete information on what CORE does
or how it does it.  They have, however given a bunch of
double talk and a bunch of nonsense and outlandish claims.

> I am already in the process to implement many of the
> modifies CORE ideas. CORE is a billion dollar technology
> for sure. I know nothing about the CORE processor but
> just the CORE theory which I found to be that much 
> worth. 

Cool.  We'd love to see your CORE implementation.

> I am very much greatful for Ron Blue and his team 
> members for mailing more than 35 messages on CORE 
> theory ideas. 

I am not.  The messages are garbage in my opinion.

> I do not want any one to believe in the CORE ideas
> but if any one of you have your own ability to hunt
> in the capabilities of the brain then CORE can be 
> one of the spot to look for the best ideas.

I don't think anyone does believe in the CORE ideas,
so I don't think there is a problem.

> It is very nice of you for having stated the facts
> immediately.

I for one would love to see a new technology, but so far
they have produced nothing but outlandish claims.

> Jim please look at the points embedded in.
> With my best regards.
> Shyam India
> ===

> > > We believe that the core processor is just a hoax.
> RE: Hoax is something one does not know about. CORE
>     can not be a processor of the kind most of the people
>     understand by a term "processor". 

Hoax means they're trying to con you.  They're trying to fool
you into believing something that doesn't exist.

Webster: to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false
and often preposterous ( http://www.m-w.com/netdict.htm )
>     CORE is bio-physics concept. If implemented, then only
>     one can call it a processor as it is suppoed to process
>     stimulus.

"If Implemented"!...  exactly! - they haven't implemented!!!

>     CORE can be impleted in electronics ideas in many forms.

"can be" - where's the specification???

>     The CORE theory is just great. There is so much in the
>     physics known today that much can be used to implement
>     the CORE concept. It can also be implemented in many 
>     other forms and that includes the analog and digital
>     electronics.

What CORE theory - I'm not aware of any "CORE theory" unless
that our CORE Theory is that it's a hoax.

> > > No one has actually seen one, nor have they seen one work.
> > > So, it has become the things jokes are made of.  Like people
> > > always say, "if it's too good to be true..."  we'll from all
> > > anyone can tell, it's just not true.  Stick with real processors
> > > and with companies that produce real products, that have some
> > > kind of track record, not with con artists that have nothing,
> > > and produce nothing but want all your money.  So the
> > > core pseudo processor seems to be just like a bunch of bologna.
> RE: I agree with some of the points here. If you have to 
>     implement an industrial robot then CORE may not be a
>     very right concept (I am not talking about the CORE
>     processor) at this stage. Howver, the CORE concept is
>     as good as looking for a man with very great ideas.
>     If properly implemented then the CORE may yield a great
>     human like robo.

It's like looking for a processor that doesn't exist. ;-)

> > > If you want to find out about the core pseudo processor
> > > you can go to http://www.neutronicstechcorp.com and decide for
> > > yourself and ask them about your so-called investor opportunities.
> > > However, don't be surprised if when you send them your money,
> > > that you get a post card from the carribean of how they are
> > > enjoying your money at your expense.
> RE: Thanks for your comments. I do trust some people even
>     though I am at disadvantage sometime. I can invest in
>     CORE about a million if they are willing to give a real
>     thing. It will be dream think for students. Even if they
>     can not make it. I will for sure in about an year in
>     my own way. 

I figure that you'd be better off investing your million in a 
proven company with proven results with a proven technology.
All they have is vaporware and big empty pockets.

In an unrelated topic, DPRG could use a million dollar donation!

> > > Since I gave you their web address there should be no need
> > > for you to ask about the core pseudo processor again.
> RE: I admire you Jim. Keep up with your job. I like you
>     in doing your job best. You are real engineering 
>     person. 

Well, I don't want to make anyone mad, I just want you to be
careful with these guys.  All we've heard from them is a bunch
of absurd claims, and nothing tangable or any sensible documents
to back up their claims.

Who knows, they may utterly surprise us all and actually come
up with some useless neural net that's not a neural net processor
after all.  Don't hold your breath, but do hold on to your wallet!

If it smells like a duck, sounds like a duck, wants bread crubs like a duck - it's a duck!
If it smells like a con, sounds like a con, wants your money like a con...

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What else floats on water?
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So if she weighs as much as a duck, then she's made 'o wood...
and therefore?
We shall use my largest scales...
[creaking noises]
....A WITCH!!!
'Tis a fair court.
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