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DPRG: L293D v.s. the L293DNE?

Subject: DPRG: L293D v.s. the L293DNE?
From: Larry Kerns kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org
Date: Sun Feb 8 11:14:13 CST 1998

TimMicDet at aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
>       What is the difference, if any, between the L293D and the L293DNE?  The
> L293DNE is the one that Newark sells and it is made by Texas Interments, the
> common L293D is made by SGS, which I can not find anywhere.  Does anyone know
> of a seller of the L293D, that sells it in small quantities, besides the guy
> with the AOL web page?  I can't send a check to some one I don't know (Sorry
> AOL guy).  So does anyone know if the L293D is basically the same thing as the
> L293D?
> Thanks a lot,
> Timothy Deterly
> TimMicDet at aol.com
The full datasheet for the L293D is located at:


(Long, isn't it?).  You can go to www.ti.com, pick semiconductors and in
the lower right hand corner of the screen, choose search by part
number.  Just enter L293D.  I didn't see any reference to the "NE"
extension but Kip usually knows what he's talking about.  In any case,
you can drop them an EMail at their website and they will respond.
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Larry Kerns
kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org


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